Child & Women Care Society

Child & Women Care Society (CWCS) is one of the leading Organisation to serve Spastics Children & Women in Delhi NCR and all other parts of India. CWCS was founded by Ms. Sarita Sharma in the year 2005 with the aim to bring Poor & Spastic People out of social negligence and help them lead a better life. CWCS believes in reaching out to those who can’t reach out themselves.

Within a Span of 13 Years of its existence, the Child & Women Care Society (CWCS) is today directly / indirectly touching the lives of over 10000 Women & Children including Spastics & their families, who need special attention.

CWCS has already adopted and funding 4 major Centres in the National Capital Region of Delhi catering to the under-privileged segments of society. It has also organized over 50 events to help those in need.

CWCS is purely a mankind serving organization empowering those who are living below poverty line in all parts of Delhi. Our Social Services are in Distribution of Artificial equipments to handicapped, Treating and Caring Poor People suffering from different Diseases, Helping Poor People in their education and training them for their self-reliance, Giving Nutrition and Education to Poor Pregnant Women so that new born baby shall be fit and fine, Helping Women and their newly born child in different ways regarding their nutrition etc.


  • Treat physically challenged children.

  • Provide training and education to the Under-Privileged Children

  • Train Under-Privileged Women & Children to become Self Depend

  • Run Rehabilitation Center to teach People live in real life free from drugs & wines

  • Work for Women Empowerment.

  • Run & Manage School for Spastic Children

  • Organise Sanitation Campaign

  • Run and Organise Cultural Activities to teach poor people about their growth & awareness.


426, First Floor, Prakash Mohalla, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065


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