A Trustworthy Partner of NGOs

FundHeroz is a crowdfunding platform that handholds NGOs to help them attain the long term growth trajectory.

It is a Midson Group initiative which identifies genuine NGOs and work with them to make sure the Social and Environmental causes see the tangible benefits at grass root level. For last 3 decades, Midson Group has been dealing into financial domains spreading across different verticals with enormous market credibility.

Team at Midson Group creates new opportunities to empower people to live a better life and achieve what they aspire. It is the love and trust of our clients which propel our endeavors.

Other Midson Verticles


(Midson Chits)

Since three decades we are helping thousands of people realize their dreams with India’s one of the most trusted & innovative chitfund.


(Money Magnet)

Helping people break free from “no-time & no-money game” with a revolutionary program equipped with proven strategies.

Finance Platform

(Money Magnet Network)

World’s most robust finance centric platform where people meet & create meaningful engagements to grow collectively.


(Midson International)

We are a leading export and wholesale suppliers of Indian goods with vast experience and an excellent track record.

Hydroponics Farming

(Satva Farms)

Producing purest and pollution free fruits and vegetables with soil less farming with an aim to cater global high demand of quality food.